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Index Quadruplet Pregnancy Each week of the pregnancy we took a photo to chronicle the immense growth.

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What to Expect During a Triplet Pregnancy Heredity Natural conception of quadruplets is very rare, and heredity is a factor that is inconsistent.

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Share via Pinterest Courtesy of Maria Jorstad via Instagram Postpartum life can be as wild a ride as pregnancy and childbirth, as many new moms can attest—but we don't necessarily always see that.

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Given the eye-popping stretch of her stomach, one would think Nadya's body never snapped back after delivering her babies.

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Tried to dig my feet into the other end of the couch.


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Does he bring you right to the edge?" He pulled his hand away suddenly.

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Over and over again, we played that game.

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" I kissed him when he lowered his lips to mine, and then I got up again and pulled on fresh pair of panties.

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