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A chronic hairy back, while not a medically recognised diagnosis, is a furry affliction that affects an alarming percentage of the male population.

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Without hair, a little sudsing with a standard bar of soap will often do the trick.

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But, women do love a little bit of body hair.

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His voice was hot and raspy in my ear when he said, "Come for me, Holly.

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My ankle.

8 Reasons HAIRY Men Are More Attractive

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They had also been very persuasive when I was trying to decide on the piercings.

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I risked opening my eyes to see him watching me while he discarded my pants and panties.

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I tried to rationalize now that maybe this was a good thing that I'd lost the baby.

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Does he love you like I love you?" Every bit of my resolve shattered at that look.

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I-" "Oh, Holly.

What to Do If You're a Hairy Man Who Wants to Be Hairless

I haven't had a doubt since.

"I'm a coward," I finished, trying to turn onto my side without sloshing too much water onto the floor.

So I told her about us.

If he hadn't left her.

A familiar clicking sound had me jerking my head up.

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Best of hairy men
Best of hairy men