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Email Porter, James Jamie Lester passed away early on the morning of Saturday, January 21stafter a year courageous fight with cancer.

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The pair said "I do" without having met each other beforehand, and despite bumps in the road the couple remains happily married today while taking care of their daughter Henley Grace.

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"Whatever has come over you?" I was too numb to do anything but shiver, my teeth chattering.

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I whimpered all the way only to gasp when his fingers turned outward and briefly brushed the insides of my breasts.

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I'd heard the steady humming before I felt the plastic tip move along the outside of my pussy, but my body still jerked as though I'd been electrocuted.

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That once more, instead of handling the situation, I'd tucked my tail like a coward and tried to disappear.

As a result, I'd planned on using Dirk's donation for baby things.

" "Case in point, Thanksgiving," I said once I could talk again.

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