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He seemed anxious to get home; normally he is in no rush and probably would have had a few more.

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It was just the tip of his cock-primarily the reverse Prince Albert ring-that brushed my outer pussy lips, but it was electrifying.

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I tried to hide my contempt now, but I must have failed because he flinched.

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Below it, though, I could feel his erection pressing at my thighs, which had been bared in our tussling.

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He moaned deeper and rubbed his fingertips against my scalp.

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You might need another drink.

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His included mini-seminars with proper techniques and always ended with the couples practicing whatever had been discussed.

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Yes, I liked spanking and bondage, but I'd always cared more about my partner's wellbeing and feelings than stroking my ego.

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"Hear me out, okay.

The little balls imbedded in his thick shaft pressed into my swollen pussy.

There was a growl behind me when I stood and the sheet fell away.

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