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Will shotgun slugs penetrate soft armor

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This is just as true when buying a bullet proof vest.

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It's made of ultra-strong plastic polymersis relatively light, can withstand most chemical attacks, and is, obviously, bulletproof.

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Nothing is bulletproof, not even a manhole cover.

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He was doing some PT while wearing plate armor in order to improve his fitness for an upcoming firearms training class and thought that a post concerning the realities of wearing armor would be useful.

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As the war progressed, ordnance design evolved so that the bursting charges in APHE became ever smaller to non-existent, especially in smaller caliber shells, e.

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Warptx39; Wrote: That according to your description is a 20 year old vest.

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As a police officer for 22 years I've seen plenty of dead people not wearing seat belts in low speed crashed, 25 m.

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DaveJamesAM ANy of the lead type slugs will stop on the vest but the newer all copper and the new Berk with the penatrator mite zip right thru.

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Spoken to me directly.

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" Five minutes later, I watched the two of them slowly make their way to the door without another word or a look back at me.

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